Work with Us

Students and Parents

Parents, if your child was a 9th or 10th grade student in the last few years and still has his or her World History notes and handouts, please let us know. The schools have been fighting public records requests and we still do not have a complete copy of all of last year’s materials. All materials will be returned to you.

You and your child’s name will be kept confidential; they will NOT be revealed to the schools or any other source. All identifying information will be removed from copies made by us, including names, notes, even check-marks (they will remain on the original materials returned to you).

Our student intern had an excellent experience last summer. If you are interested in being a formal or informal intern, or in carrying this work on in your school, please let us know.


We need readers to review materials as they are obtained and to help with publicity. No special expertise is needed; we will show you how to examine material and what to look for.


Can you write a press release, a newspaper article, or an investigative report? Would you like to learn? Many print and online media sources have published articles and reports about our activities. Here are just a few of them.

Everyone else

We are always in need of people to coordinate volunteers, organize documents, edit our website, attend and/or speak at School Committee meetings, and do other tasks. Whoever you are, we have a place for you.

Non-Newton residents

If you live outside of Newton, we can help you to access the material used in your local schools to be sure it is free from inaccuracy, bias, and racism. Many school districts in towns surrounding Newton and in the Route 128 area sent teachers to the same workshops and received the same ‘free’ materials as did Newton teachers. Several towns have groups forming to research these issues; we can put you in touch with people who have the same concerns about education as we share.