Misleading Versions of Speeches and the Hamas Covenant

These misleadingly titled speeches and versions of the Hamas Covenant are analyzed in Section F in the Verity Education Report. The misleading speeches and version of the Covenant come from a text called "Perspectives on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict".

This compilation (material is here; analysis here) includes 3 speeches by Yassar Arafat, Ariel Sharon, and Yitzak Rabin, along with 'explanations' of each speech. It also includes a deceptively edited version of the Hamas Covenant.

Both the speeches and the Covenant have been altered, either through editing the documents themselves or the addition of text 'explaining' the document - to the extent that they cannot be considered true or accurate representations of the originals. For example, all references in the Covenant to the genocide of Jews and descriptions of Jews as 'Nazis' have been removed.

The speeches are also misleadingly presented. For example, Arafat's speech is titled "We Recognize Israel", even though the speech has no such title, does not say that Arafat or the Palestinian Authority recognizes Israel, and thirty years after Arafat gave the speech, the Palestinian Authority still does not recognize Israel as a Jewish state.