Bias against Israel and Jews

A number of materials used by Newton students contain inaccurate, anti-Israel and/or anti-semitic statements. In addition to the two texts analyzed below, the P.O.V. Timeline, PLO-approved maps, and altered or inaccurately described primary source documents contain both subtle and overt biases and descriptions of Middle East history, especially the Arab-Israeli conflict. The Verity Educate Report analyzes additional examples of these biased materials.

Below are just a few of the inaccuracies and biases in two texts used at Newton South High School - The 5 Points of Peace and The Middle East in Transition (also called the Middle East in the World). The text provided to students is in black type; text in blue type is our analysis.

Keep in mind that this is only a small sample of inaccurate and/or biased material recently or currently used in Newton high school history classes. We have chosen these examples because the inaccuracies and/or bias are in plain view; no special knowledge is required to understand why the material is unsuitable.

[Just describe the classification of the items briefly - i.e. Middle East in Transition is anti-semitic, Altered copies of the Covenant and PNC are deceptive, speeches are altered, etc.)]

Material Reviewed In Verity Educate Report

(Letters refer to the sections in the Report)

F. Perspectives on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

G. The Palestinian National Charter (1968)

Z. The Middle East in Transition