Books and articles about biased materials in the Newton Public Schools

Books and reports

There has been considerable publicity about the use of inaccurate and biased material, and about teachers providing students with overtly political material described as "factual", over the past few years. This includes a book (available at Amazon for $9.99 or for no charge here) and update by the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA), a respected organization concerned with media accuracy. In addition, the organization Verity Educate, which analyzes educational material and consults with school boards and other groups about educational accuracy, published a scathing, 152-page Report analyzing 26 items of material used in Newton high school history classes and finding numerous instances of inaccuracy and bias as well as a "demonstrated lack of subject matter expertise", "academic dishonesty", and "regular presentation of bias instead of facts". Many of the materials analyzed in the reports continue to be used today.


The issue of biased and inaccurate class material, and the controversy about such material used in public schools in Newton, Massachusetts has been the subject of numerous print and online articles and posts. A compilation of articles about the issue is here. Please note that, although we have done our best to collect all relevant articles, there may be additional articles that we did not include.


An interview with Tony Pagliuso and Margot Einstein, who were instrumental in bringing the issue of biased textbooks to the public, can be viewed here.