CAMERA book "Indoctrinating Our Youth"

The Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) published a book about the anti-Israel bias in Newton classes, "Indoctrinating Our Youth", in 2017. It's available as a paperback book on Amazon and as a free pdf here. Despite some inaccuracies (for example, the book favorably refers to a 2013 advertisement and film by Americans for Peace and Tolerance which contain numerous mistakes) overall it depicts and analyzes the matter without bias.

A 2018 follow-up is available here (no charge).

As mentioned elsewhere, in 2014 the textbook accuracy organization Verity Educate published a detailed, scholarly analysis of material used in Newton Public School high school history courses. Most of the material is still in use. You can view the Report, summaries of the Report, and the materials discussed here (no charge).